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Monday, December 06, 2004
The Long, Goodbye

Before you read further, please go here to vote for my dad's blog. Thank you so much to Leen's other half for being the first to plug Ikang Kering in his blog and to Mack Zulkifli for starting the ball rolling! My sisters and I will endeavour to vote for our father once a day until we get disqualified. I hope all his fans will, too. We'll have a big nasi dagang party if he wins, okay?

My sister Mimi, s-m-s'ed me news about Ikang Kering's nomination when I was at my ObGyn's. Nope, I'm not with child again. I had brought my nine year old Adam, and his friend Anwar, for a consultation. You see, they're getting circumcised at 4 pm tomorrow. Here's an account of what transpired at the clinic :

Nurse : Tengku Adam!
(lots of shuffling and you go first, no you go, no you etc, until I shove both of them in)
Me : Assalamu alaikum Dr Idris. This is Adam, and this is Anwar, Makcik Ishah's grandson. (Anwar's mum is stuck in traffic)
Dr Idris : Wa alaikummu salam. (Turns to fidgety boys) How old are you, Adam?
Adam : Ha? (Mummy gives him a stern look) Eh, I beg your pardon? I'm nine years old
Dr Idris : Do you have any sickness or allergies?
Adam : Ha?
Me : No, he doesn't. (Except terminal rudeness)

Dr Idris directed the same questions to Anwar, who answered politely, I might add. Then he told the boys he has to inspect the goods, so to speak. Anwar went first, and then Adam, who was extremely ticklish.

Dr Idris : Hmm, Anwar's okay but Adam's a little overweight so his penis a bit tenggelam (This means that it's sorrounded by a layer of fat and the member is gasping for air)
Adam : Jadi kena buat dia tegak dulu lah? (Do you have to make it erect first, then?)
Dr Idris : Errr, no need. I'll manage. Don't worry, it won't be painful.
(Anwar and Adam confers.)
Adam : Umm, can I ask a question?
Dr Idris : Yes?
Adam : Will you be using laser?
Dr Idris : Oh no, no ( chuckles) It'll be a normal scalpel.
(Adam and Anwar confers again)
Adam : Umm, my friend Anwar said Haziq had his done with a light saber. Can you use a laser light saber on us, as well?

Please God, let me survive this.


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