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Thursday, November 11, 2004
Breaking Out

Don’t you feel like trying something new
Don’t you feel like breaking out
Or breaking us in two
You don’t do the things that I do
You want to do things I can’t do
Always something breaking us in two

You and I could never live alone
But don’t you feel like breaking out
Just one day on your own
Why does what I’m saying hurt you
I didn’t say that we were through
Always something breaking us in two

They say two hearts should beat as one for us
We’ll fight it out to see it through
I say that won’t be too much fun for us
Though it’s oh so nice to get advice
It’s oh so hard to do

Could we be much closer if we tried
We could stay at home and stare
Into each other’s eyes
Maybe we could last an hour
Maybe then we’d see right through
Always something breaking us in two

Joe Jackson-Breaking Us in Two

Blogging is like confession, right?

There are times in a relationship when things are just centred around one person, that this person's distress and affliction become the walls and the roof and the world that you have to live in, when his words and thoughts become your words and thoughts and you immerse yourself in his misery, because well, you're in it together, aren't you? At the same time, your Self is drowning, drowning, drowning but you feel guilty for wanting to come up for air, to breathe in air that is not tinged with dissapointment and failure, because you realise that at this point, you have to be the Strong One. You realise that you do love him in sickness and in poverty, much, much more than you thought you would, but you want him to look at you just once, and see you.

My arms are tired from pretending I'm not drowning; but waving.


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