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Monday, November 08, 2004
When It Rains, It Pours

Seriously, this is a boring entry : an entry that you shouldn't care about. If I read this in someone else's blog, I go pffft, maaacam dia sorang je sibuk.

But what to do, I am a boring person, so here is the blog equivalent of a shopping list - My to Do List :

Monday : 9.30 am Pitched another hare-brained scheme to a big organization in the hope they'll give us money. Ashran and Kamarul did their usual charm thing, I cracked a few self-deprecating jokes, even the Debt Ventures people seem to have found their sense of humor. Maybe they'll think our proposal is crazy enough to work.

At the moment : I know I'm blogging but I'm supposed to be doing work! We have a client's "Social Responsibility" Event (that would gel nicely with their branding) on Wednesday and there are speeches and media releases to write. I'll get to it soon, really. Really.

Later : I have to find time to buy aboout 60 cases of kuih raya and 30 boxes of cakes to distribute to Editors and journalists, on behalf of another client. And because we are a cheapo PR company, we'll do all the dressing up and delivery ourselves. (That's why we cost less than regular PR outfits)

Tuesday : 6 am Shopping at the wet, smelly dark, but ultimately cheap Pasar Old Town for Hari Raya spread, which my mother says : "Eli, you do!". End of story.

10 am : Voiceovers with a frazzled, but otherwise very nice Producer at a TV station. Her mantra : "I want to finish 13 episodes before Raya". Yeah yeah, Eli, you do.

Later that day : Send a revised proposal for a massive on-the road campaign for a client, which will include double decker buses, plasma screens, satellite connections and hopefully, Misha Omar (Misha Omar has absolutely no idea we exist) Best of all, all these gear, it's the client's idea. Sign here, please.

Wednesday 11 am : Press Conference! Hopefully every one turns up. Hopefully I'll stop blogging and finish them speeches.

Sometime 0n Wednesday and I have to get this done on the pain of death : Buy trellises for my mother at the human cesspool called Carrefour and buy her tickets to Kota Bharu ( yes, I'm nuts for putting that off)

You get the picture. I have work up to my armpits, and my armpits are pretty high up. In the meantime, my kids don't have Raya shoes and my living room looks like its hosting a warren of rabbits. (Talkative bunnies, too) Saiffuddin and I are recycling our Raya clothes, this year because we haven't the time and money to buy new ones so you'll see my husband in my grandfather's beautiful indigo samping and me in a songket tabur baju kurung bought for a mere 5 ringgit at a mosque jumble sale. (The lady asked for 3, but I was feeling charitable)

I think it'll be a wonderful Eidul Fitri. Here's hoping you'd have a great one too. And a bright bright Diwali!


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