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Thursday, July 27, 2006
This Is What It'll Be Like

Hi, how are you. Today it rained in the morning and I was feeling really lazy. I love rain because it makes the day really cool and hazy and I feel like I'm in a foreign country. I fussed about my hair because I think it's not blonde enough for my husband. He loves me, you see and I love him. Sayaaaang sangat. Kiss kiss muah muah. My kids are wonderful and I have a wonderful life and yesterday I went to an IKEA sale, and my sister bought four white wicker chairs and then we had coffee and hotdogs with lots of relish. After that we went home. Oh I have a wonderful life, did I say that? It's a wonderful life because I had a government scholarship and my husband had a big oil corporation scholarship and we're all one big happy Malaysian family and this weekend we're going to Port Dickson. Oh and I had great sex last night because as I said, I have a wondrously happy and wonderful life and I have no complaints at all. And I had rice and fish for lunch.

Dah muntah ke belum?

If blogging comes under the purview of the Printing Presses and Publications Act, this is the only kind of useless drivel you'd be able to read from Malaysian bloggers. I mean, you might as well read the papers. (Aha!)

Is this a rational fear? Would a couple of admittedly obstinate bloggers with a flair for writing be able to influence the minds and thoughts of all Malaysians? Here's a newsflash : these bloggers don't form the opinions of the many; they reflect them. These bloggers, they're preaching to the choir, to use a quaint phrase spouted by a gracious blogger I met the other day. We read AKJ or Rocky or Jeff because we want to know that we're not alone in thinking such and such. These blogs merely put current affairs into perspective, and verbalise our worries into comprehensive, organized thoughts.

If the powers that be should fear bloggers, then here's something else they should think about : what exactly is fueling the popularity of these sites? The blogs are just symptoms, the disease runs deeper. People would be saying, okay, tak boleh baca tak apa, we'll just be discussing our misgivings over teh tarik, unless one day the mamak shop, too faces the bane of bans.

Of course, I am mad. Wouldn't you be mad if someone assumes you're brainless and incapable of making your own judgment? It's not as if I'm not aware of the personal biases of these bloggers. It's not as if I don't read the Op-Eds in the mainstream papers or watch the news on regular TV. It may come as a surprise, but sometimes I agree with the Chief Editors and sometimes I think the bloggers cross the line. But for God's sake, let me make that call. Let's all grow up, for once. The last time I checked, assesments and preferences are still within an adult's personal jurisdiction. It's my right to believe what I believe --- they have to do the convincing. It's too bad if you're not doing a good job at convincing. It's too bad if there's a perception problem because you're not the underdog, seemingly on the side of the oppressed. (I should think a simple solution to that problem is to actually be on the side of the oppressed)

I have to mention though, that I agree there are tons of websites and forums on the internet that seek to divide rather than conquer problems. I'd rather not read sites that call Malays pigs and the Chinese kafirs. They do exist, yes they do, just as the people calling Malays pigs and Chinese kafirs do exist. It's sad and sickening that after so many years we're still not one nation and the mistrust still lingers. But bans and laws will not solve the impasse, not by a mile. Engagement and education will. Looking at the problem straight in the eye and admitting we have a problem, will. Whitewashing the whole issue and not letting people know, that has to be the worst thing to do.

I know, I know, I shouldn't be up in arms about it because it's not as if I write anything controversial in my blog pun. If there's anyone who should be pressing charges, it'd be my long-suffering husband, he's the only one victimized. My writing won't amount to squat at the ballot boxes.

Ah, the ballot boxes. The ballot boxes.

You know, I'd be writing from Jakarta soon. I wonder if the Printing Presses and Publications Act would apply to me there?


Tuesday, July 18, 2006
Back Soon. Nak Kaler Rambut Dulu

Yes, yes I hear yah. I haven't updated for nearly a month. Blogging is only irresistable when I have lots of work to do. When I actually have free time on my hands I'd rather go to the mall. Teruk, kan?

You see, we came back from Tronoh, all spent and happy; and to stretch that post-coital metaphor, all we want to do now is turn over and go to sleep. You can find out what we've been up to in the past few weeks at Suhaimi's blog. He's uploaded all the pictures there, it's rather pointless for me to do the same on mine. (It takes ages)

Now, no fat comments are allowed. Anybody even mentioning the word "gebebab" will get their FHM subscription anonymously cancelled, y'hear?

I promise I'll blog soon. In the meantime, Suhaimi and Papa Khalid and I are visiting Richard the Hairdresser. Uncharacteristically. I'm colouring my hair. Ni lah jadi bila dah penat. I don't think it has anything to do with my ovaries.