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Monday, August 23, 2004
How do you clean fluffy lingerie?

My sister who lives in Seattle, is coming home in November and she has been canvassing for our wish-list. We're boring people so we didn't ask for anything outrageous like Spitfire skateboard wheels, or a Bottega Veneta chocolate brown wood minaudière with tiger eye detail, just to carry-off the steno chic look. No, we asked for books. (Specifically : I asked for Nanny Ogg's Cookbook)

I asked my husband what he wanted and he said revenge so could my sister afford a hitman? Haiyah, why order an assasin all the way from the US, meh? In Puchong also got. So he thought for a bit and said "I know! Lingerie for you!", and then added, "Umm... let's do some research".

Guys, this is a simple trick you can use to ogle at Adriana Lima or Veronica Varekova with their tits bursting out of some "sleepwear" when the outfit is really just a shred of kelambu sewn together at the sides. Just say: I'm doing "research" to purchase something for you, my lovely wife.

Well, anyway, since Victoria's Secret does carry sizes up to 38D (I don't wear 38D, lah) and their stuff are not only lovely but amazingly comfortable as well, I relented. So we checked out their website and waded through shots of incredibly proportional women in alluring poses for something he might like. (I'm not sure if he was really looking at the garments)

"Hok ni guane?" I said to a picture of Ana Herzigova in a I-want-to-have-s0me pose. Strangely, we wanted to discuss lingerie in Terengganu-speak.
"Oh, payoh nok basuh tuh", he pointed out the marabou trim, " nok basuh guane kalu b'bulu?"

*Translation for non-Terengganu people :
Me : What about this one?
Husband : Oh, that's difficult to laundry. How do you clean if it's fl

My husband can be practical that way. Or he simply wanted to look at more pictures. Because every outfit seems to be wrong -- too lacy (it scratches) too satiny (everything slides) too much ruffles (gets in his face) The lingerie he did like were the kind I couldn't possibly carry off - no amount of aplomb can make me survive something described as thus : "Lace merrywidow. Sheer seduction, laced with desire. Vintage-inspired lace accented with ribbon trim and ruffle edge. Adjustable straps, back close. Adjustable and removable garters. Imported nylon/Lycra® spandex." The brief came with a picture of Gisele Bundchen in said strappy thingy. Of course she looks fabulous. If they can make Kathy Bates look fabulous in that thing, then I'll buy it.

Sometimes, when I see the things my husband wants me to try on, it makes me wonder : just who do you think you're married to? He's still stuck to the image of me at 22, when my butt-size is almost double that by now. It's sweet of him, but it usually sets him up for dissapointment when I actually do put them on.

Finally, we did decide on something we both could agree on, and funny enough it was from the Bridal Collection. (What, you want virgins, now?) Ah well, at least it wasn't something your granny would wear to the mesjid. But I'll bet you it wouldn't have been something Gisele Bundchen would have chosen, either.


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