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Friday, August 20, 2004
Is it My Age, or did Someone Move the Goalposts?

Thank you so much :) to all the people who wished me today -- yes, I am 36 years old. Both my father and my sister trumpeted this fact on their blogs -- when I was hoping to ignore my birthday, say, until I'm 45.

When you're under the age of majority, birthdays are something to look forward to, because you know, it's a great excuse to party. When you're on the wrong side of 30 you start thinking of the milestones you haven't yet achieved, or some roads which you may have missed altogether (and it's too late to turn back now) But usually, this lasts for only a while, because 1) I'm an eternal optimist, and 2) I'm too danged lazy to do something about it, anyway.

But just for the sake of argument, let's see the goals I am going to allow myself , all due before my next birthday.

Goal 1
To redeem myself in the eyes of my children, I will, I will get myself a driver's licence

Goal 2
As an incentive to Goal 1, my husband shall get me a nice car because I will not be caught dead driving an Unser. (I have low standards : a red Kelisa is better than a non-descript silver Unser)

Goal 3
I will lose 10 kgs and go to gym three times a week (and I will not flirt with Fayz, the 25 year old personal trainer with the pony tail to whom I have promised a nomination for Cleo's Most Eligible Bachelor, next year)

Goal 4
If I don't flirt with Fayz where got incentive for Goal 3 meh?

Goal 5
I will build a sustainable business with Suhaimi and Kamarul so that people will stop asking me if I miss my old job. Also, so that I have sufficient money to paint my house, re-upholster my daybed and fix floating shelves in the living room. If I can make enough to install Scandinavian cabinetry in my kitchen, I shall call myself Mrs Forbes.

Goal 6
I will not pray Zohor at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, I will read the Quran at least once a week, puasa sunat now and then and take my mother's advice about solat Duha. Most of all, I shall remind myself that everything is within Allah's Great Purpose and that there are Signs from Him every day.

Goal 7
I shall call on my parents more often *sigh*

Goal 8
Ain and I will finally sit down and write that screenplay about a trollop masquerading as the long-lost daughter of a dying Chinese man, with interesting consequences, all set in the turn of the century Malaya (and then we shall beg for financing)

Goal 9
My children will get at least half of my waking hours. Sub promises : Yes Adam, I will bring Snowy to the vet and I will register you for your monthly robot class on time. Yes Aiysha, I will tell you the story about how your parents met and got married, and I will buy you a camera. Yes Aliya? Oh, you want too many things, so go ask Dadda.

Goal 10
I will forgive myself if I don't score these goals, because I'm already having so much fun playing the game, anyway


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