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Thursday, August 12, 2004
Mokciknab and Motion Sickness

My father gasp! read Elisa's post about her son wanting to be in school three hours before a school trip, and she compared him to our grandmother, the eponymous Mokciknab, to whom being early is like a requirement of faith.

My dad wanted to post a comment, to illuminate on my grandmother's anal behaviour, but somehow could not. So, here I have posted his e-mail to me, and you would probably get an idea where we get our sense of humor.

Re Elisa's Dilly Dally blog
I have tried 3 times unsuccessfully to add my comment . So I hope you can put it for me.
Here’s what I wanted to write :

An insight into why your grandma felt she HAD to be early for buses or other large moving objects :

Many many moons ago, long before Pembangunan Luar Bandar, Merang had an infrequent "only once a day" bus service. The bus would arrive late at night (frequently after getting stuck somewhere in Ru Tapai or broken down somewhere in the bush with passengers alighting and roasting ubi kayu patiently) and leave the next day early in the morning. There was no official booking system. No 800 numbers (simply because there weren’t any phone around)

The accepted method of ensuring that you get a seat in the morning was to rush to the bus on its arrival, remove the seat (to wit, the seat cushion ) and bring it home with you overnight. Next morning, you put the seat back although not necessarily in its original place.

Your grandmother had a son who suffers from severe motion sickness even on benign things like a swing or a wobbly waterbed. This could have been caused by an overzealous tok bidan during the lenggang perut ceremony. Many times he even got seasick on a boat that was still tied to the jetty and he is a fishing kaki. Talk about a masochist who does things to torture himself (and others) but that’s another story. So grandma got used to fighting for the seat in the frontmost row with the hindsight that the son would "goobledygook" (as Anis put it) or throw up on people's tempayan budu, assorted livestocks or whatever else they were carrying on the bus. Being early helped a lot.

Another reason would be the bus driver, Pok Kassim. Pok Kassim was full of humour and managed to repair the bus even if it broke down in the middle of the jungle. He was so good that Elisa's father's burning ambition then was to be a bus driver like Pok Kassim. But, Pok Kassim never owned a watch. At least not when he was driving buses. So most of the time he drove off without waiting for dilly dallying passengers (with or without their tempayan budu).


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