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Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Warning : May Be Offensive to Budak Koleqs

My husband Saiffuddin, and my accomplice, Suhaimi, went to the same school in Kuala Kangsar. Suhaimi is thinking of doing something for his Old Boys Association by way of a snazzy, funky, multiplatform website. We bounced this off with Hasnul, newly elected to the Association's "management committee"; and he was excited enough to set up a meeting with the powers that be, this very Thursday.

For some reason, my husband dwelled upon this idea during our daily walk, this morning.

"You have to make the site sticky", he said, ruminating.

In the real world, most people don't go to that august school in Kuala Kangsar. In the real world, most people regard a "Budak Koleq" with something more than just suspicion and weariness. Making the website popular will be quite a task.

But that morning, my husband was seized by an evil spirit, perhaps a ghost who went to Clifford.

"You could", he suddenly said, "put a shoot-em-up on the site. Like Celebrity Death Match or something, but we call it Kill All Dem CEO's. We'll put animations of all the famous Captains of Industries who went to the school, and people get points if they manage to blow their brains off."

"Ooooo", I said, eyes gleaming, "Ooooo, that'll work! You get different points for different CEO's, like you get high marks if you gun down, say (this Tan Sri who no longer heads this huge construction conglomerate) . Hahaha. The jackpot has to be (this other Tan Sri who currently heads this huge construction conglomerate, but a different one) "

"Yeah! Oh, I know a lot of his employees who want to kill that one. But of course, there has to be a certain level of difficulty. If these CEO's get you instead, you lose the game, and you'll hear him say : You're Broke!"

"Or You're Fired!", I added," and if the player's a woman, you'll get : You're Divorced!"

"Or depending on the CEO : I Slept with Another Sl*t!", said my husband, helpfully.

And so that was how we amused ourselves during the drudgery of our morning walk, while breathing in fumes from cars and garbage trucks.

"Well, not everyone will want to play a shoot-em-up", I reminded him, "after all, this is your school, not everyone is alpha-male aggressive".

"For those people, we can have those meme quizzes. Like Answer Five Questions to Know Your Sexual Orientation, or Which Desperate Housewife Are You?"

" Can, can", I smiled as I mentally composed this blog entry. Please don't kill me, all you old boys from Kuala Kangsar. Please don't hang me from the Big Tree in front of your Big School. I didn't come up with these, my husband did, and you won't slaughter one of your own thoroughbreds, would you?

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