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Friday, July 01, 2005
Jessie's Boy

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My son Adam tells me he has a problem. His friend Edrus is insisting that he meets with Jessie Keebler (or Geebler; or something) We were all on my bed yesterday afternoon, I was dozing off as his sisters jumped up and down around me.

"Edrus keeps telling me", and here Adam puts on an affected tone, "Jessie Keebler wants to have a romantic date with you..."

I sit up, awake now. "Who is this Jesakhi Blur?", I ask, alarmed that it could be some itchy-fite ten year old.

"Jessie Keebler", he explained, as if I should know", Diva, Wrestler, Babysitter".


"Edrus says she's his babysitter". And that is not all, he continues to tell me :

"Edrus says she comes to work in a limousine", I let him go on, curious to see where this might lead.

"And sometimes she babysits him with just bras and pantieeees", Adam relates, genuinely worried. "And , sometimes, she doesn't have anything on, she's buck naked! Edrus says when she's like that he has to watch TV like this", he holds up his hands close to the side of his eyes, like blinders.

I know I should, at this point, tell Adam that Edrus has a fertile imagination and that his friend is probably pulling his leg, but I just enjoy Adam when he's being earnest and worried and most of all, when he's totally clueless.

So I tell him, " Well, she sounds interesting. You should tell Edrus you want to meet her"

Adam is wide-eyed and peers into my face, like he does whenever he thinks I've gone screwy.

"Are you crazeeeee? That's the whole point, I must not meet her!"

"Why not? What could happen?"

"Sex?", Adam says, like the word is equal to innoculation or root canal.

For a split second, everything fell silent. I was trying hard not to laugh, because I was supposed to take this seriously, but God help me I just couldn't. After rolling around in mirth, and wiping the tears from my eyes, I ask him : "Adam, do you even know what sex is?"

"Yes", he mumbled, "but I don't want to tell you".

"It's what you and Daddy do when you're both naked!", piped in Aisyha, helpfully.

"Sex", I tell him, " is a biological process for humans to make babies. You're supposed to have sex only with your husband or your wife. You must not let anyone force you to have sex with them, and that goes to you, too, Aiysha".

"Okay!", said Aiysha, brightly.

By this time Adam was crinkling his nose. I don't intend to tell him the details of the biological process just yet, and I know he would soon find out that sex is not always a matter within the perimeters I have mentioned, but for now, I think my explanation will suffice.

"I think your friend Edrus, is just putting you on, darling", I ruffled his hair, "I don't think there's a Jessie Keebler".

"Okay", he said quietly, perhaps almost dissapointed. I wonder who Edrus's Jessie Keebler is, and I certainly wonder about the boy, too.


Yes, you wrestling fans, after googling "diva, wrestler, babysitter", I did find out that Edrus is probably hot for Stacy Kiebler, the woman in the picture above, who is this year's WWE Babe of the Year. Gentlemen, click on thumbnail for a larger view.


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