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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
Blog Fatigue

Yes, I have blog fatigue. I don't know what to write. The fervour which once imbued my blogwriting has since dissipated into garden variety journal-keeping. Oh, are you still here? Then I apologize for the droll drivel you've been enduring for the past weeks (Or has it been months?)

Okay, I promise I'll write something interesting. Let's see. Nope, can't write about that. Or that. Not that either. The problem with me is I am notorious for self-censorship, I keep thinking of consequences. If you knew me personally, you'd know that I have an opinion about everything, ranging from the insanity of sanitary services, to the triviality of government. But it takes a lot for me to put to print what I think. It's those years in the newsroom, I guess. Or it could be the discovery that the Bukit Aman IP does pop up on your stat counter once in a while.

I'll tell you what. We'll do this slowly. Let me gradually immerse myself in courage and free speech. Here, in random order, are things I am allowing myself to tell :

I haven't been regularly reading the newspaper or watching the news bulletins for about a year now because I just cannot stand the amateurishness of it all. The spin is amateurish, the presentation even worse. The people running the media are not amateurs, so it does make me wonder what the hey is happening.

Also, there is very little real news to sink your teeth in. During my time, most news is just spin and propaganda, now it's little more than government circulars. (Oh, I'll get it now)

I think the country's economy is going into a tailspin, despite what Deutsche Bank might say. Inflation rate is climbing, there is no work going round, and there's a rumour that there will be another hike in petrol prices. Oh yay. The Malaysians with the money? They're investing them elsewhere.

I was just telling my sister the other day that it's almost like the country's at war, because all of our husbands and our friends' husbands (no guessing, all engineers) are abroad, fighting for jobs and contracts and tenders or completing some. If you see a man walking down the street in KL today, it's very likely he's an accountant or an IT guy, or a TV producer. The engineers are all rolling up their sleeves in the Middle East or Africa.

Saiffuddin just left for Syria at 6 pm today. Oh yay.

I have seriously weird friends. We were having an early dinner today, and the phone rang. One of the parties at the table had a call from a guy who wanted to have phone sex. (And this is like, nearly waktu Maghrib) . He gave the phone to one of our friends, who proceeded to entertain the man, right at our table. I shooed the friend away, because Suhaimi was having pasta, and it's not right to eat spaghetti while listening to heavy breathing and moaning and very descriptive conversation. The friend dissapeared for a length of time. We were told later that the caller had imagined himself ejaculating over my friend's face. And said thank you.

And this is like, the umpteenth time that he had called. And had ended his call with polite gratitude.

I wish they'd sort out this microbilling business soon, because we ought to be charging.


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