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Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Thank You Modbloggers!

Okay, okay it'll be really rude for me not to post about the wonderful gathering I went to last Saturday. I, mokciknab from blogspot, attended a modblog meet! And was tricked to cook nasi kerabu to boot!

No, seriously, I really enjoyed the little shindig, which I guess is half going away party for Miss Nutty Nadia, and half getting-to-know-you gathering for the Malaysian modbloggers. Fortunately, I either know some of them personally, or they know my sister Elisa personally, or they've visited my blog. (I always tell myself to reciprocate by visiting people who leave comments, but I never, ever get round to it, so sorry)

I was pleasantly surprised to see Primary Basic, because yes, she's a celebrity. She spoke softly and was really sweet. Lollies is even more boisterous in person than on haloscan, but because ondeonde, gartblue and zan were equally effervescent, she didn't seem out of place. They were the life of the party. Famygirl and Elisa, were of course, people I know even before I dipped my toes into blogdom. Nadia, Syira, Jo and Tasha were really, really polite, well-behaved girls despite coming off brutal on the web. They'll make good aunties -- they enjoyed carting off people's babies. The guys - I didn't really get to know, except bertique because he was prominently cooking.

It was a really classy affair -- we had a barbeque on a pretend island in Putrajaya, and you get sent there in a duffy boat, which is always good to get the children excited. At the end of the party, we took a group picture, like ten thousand times, mostly with Adam in front, making silly hand gestures, and obscuring people's faces. The trip back to the "mainland" was the best part, the setting sun made everything gold, and the water shimmered with light. Nice.

Can I tell you something really drippy and schmaltzy, which happened during the barbeque? After enjoying the scrumptious lamb prepared by a certain orange tropical fruit, I wanted to go for a walk, because to be honest, I was also suffering from an attack of dysmenorrhea and wasn't really good company.

So my husband and I went on this little path that went around the island, and the path went underneath a huge bridge. There was no one around, so we kissed, several times, because some kisses weren't done properly.

At the end of the last one, Saiffuddin smiled, and said, "Well, that'll give those makciks something to talk about." "What makciks?" I said, and then saw about three caretakers, walking towards us from behind some bush.

We quickly walked back to the BBQ, intent on showing those women we were actually married with children. But then it wasn't hard to figure out -- my husband was in his Pixar employee get-up : pineapple print hawaiian shirt, unflattering shorts, green trainers and socks. I was in my usual mokcik on a Saturday ensemble. We couldn't be anything but boringly, legally hitched. When I caught the eye of one of the caretakers later on, she did look at me kinda funny, but perhaps what she was thinking was I can't believe you kissed that man on the mouth.


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