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Monday, June 20, 2005
Tag! You're It

I feel kinda sorry for these people, because writing about your favourite books can take up a lot of time; but it's how the game goes. For the unitiated, this is how it works. If I mention your name here, see post below. Answer the same questions, or make up your own relevant questions, and write away in your own blog. All of us get to see what kind of literary buff you are. It is truly truly OK if you only like Dan Brown or Sophie Kinsella.

My Father : My father has such diverse tastes in books, that has manifested itself in the myriad literary interests of his children. Every one of us must admit that they started their love of books from reading one of my father's books, so it is interesting to see which are the ones he finds most meaningful.

Nina, my sister in-law : My brother has already been tagged, but I've always been interested to know what Nina is reading because hahahaha she's actually more fascinating than my brother. And funnier, too. Way funnier.

Suhaimi : Suhaimi reads voraciously, and is the kind of person you'd hate to borrow a newspaper from, because he would have cut out all the interesting bits. He has a mine (or minefield) of information. He doesn't read fiction, so it would be interesting to find out what would absorb a person with a different reading style.

Nik Nazmi : I've always been curious about Nik Nazmi ever since he was interviewed by Amir Muhammad back when he was still running Suara Anum. KJ lists Conrad's Heart of Darkness as his favourite read, so please, Nik Nazmi don't be as predictable. (Best of all, I discovered that he's already posted the "book thingy" meme so hey, instant answers)

Diana : Because she's highly strung at the moment (at any given moment, that is) ; and she needs the distraction. And because she's adorably crazy and I like her very much.


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