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Thursday, December 09, 2004
Quick Update : Adam The Pengantin

On behalf of Adam, thank you so much for all the well-wishes. You might be glad to know Adam is recovering very nicely, despite his protracted, umm, experience at the doctor's.

Typically, Adam's mum and dad were late for the doctor's appointment. Woe betide, when we got home to pick him up, my mother was already there, all dressed up, like for a kenduri. My younger sister Che Su, and her husband were there, too, grinning madly and armed with a camera. Obviously, you can't get the excitement of attending someone's circumcision in Seattle. (Ha ha if you're Micro and Soft, circumcision is probably not going to be an easy procedure)

Adam's gung-ho, so he thinks everyone's arrived for support. (My sister and her husband were there to make fun of him; and to tell him how painful it would be -- unhelpful people :P) My mother taught him some doa to recite. After a rather long wait (because Anwar got to go first) it's Adam's turn. The nurse shooed me out, I didn't want to see anyway. Only his father was left holding his hand, although I doubt that Saiffuddin did, since he has this idea that Adam has to take it like a man.

In the waiting room, the rest of the family fidgeted while flipping through magazines. And then we heard : "Aaaaaaaagh!", brief and guttural. We were all wide-eyed, and my mother pushed me into the doctor's room to find out.

When I gingerly pushed the operating room's door, I saw my husband, all calm. "It's done, he's OK"

I tooka peek at Adam, who smiled weakly as Dr Idris attended to sutures. Guess he did take it like a man.

POST SCRIPT : As a medal for bravery, Che' Su and Uncle Nizam gave Adam a Lego Puzzle : some Attack Super Droid thing with a thousand parts to keep him occupied. Naturally, it's a robot from Star Wars, an allusion, perhaps to the light sabre.


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