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Monday, August 21, 2006
Terima Kasih Daun Keladi

Thank you for all the wishes and doa's -- Alhamdulillah, I am truly grateful to be 38, happy to make it this far with all the Blessings that has sustained me. A special thank you to my dad and sisters, who either called or haloscanned. ( Note the conspicuous absence of my brother, who was too caught up in the new Emirates stadium to care about anything else, I guess)

The only way I celebrate is by eating. I'd like to celebrate by spending money on possessions, but I don't have enough money to generate any decent magnitude of joy, so food is the next best thing.

What's that? Yes, I am aware that sex is usually free.

Let's see, my birthday was on Sunday and by way of celebration I had laksam, pulut kuning with rendang ayam, spaghetti scampi, pizza alaNapoli, gelati, the requisite afogato, and then Kemaman coffee, and some rather dissapointing kerepok lekor. Saiffuddin was most helpful and not even once mentioned the word "kurus". (He was extra nice the whole day, even though I took the liberty to only shower at 4 pm, that is, after watching "The Wedding Date" on Star Movies. At the Curve, he embarassed me by constantly sniffing my hair, although it's possible that he was just trying to ascertain that I actually did mandi)

Today, the orgy continued : Suhaimi and Papa Khalid organized a party of sorts at the office : tons of nasi lemak, mee goreng, sambal sardin, sotong masak hitam and yum yum serawa durian! Thank you so much Che Mi and Papa Khalid! Never mind that you promised me a stripper yang keluar dari kek, considering that today is Isra' Mi'raj, a naked man coming out of confectionery is most inappropriate.

P/S Thank you Che' Kam, for buying me a book, and a hardcover one at that. That was very thoughtful of you and it's sweet that you took two hours to consider a title that I would like. Hurray for sisterhood. We should try for the contest now.


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