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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Bad Mommy!

Generally, Adam, who is 11 and Aiysha, who's 8, think I'm hopeless as a mother. This is mainly due to the fact that I can't drive, and all the cool moms (Che Teh, Che Ngah and Che Na) do. Further evidence of this opinion was amply demonstrated throughout the weekend :

My mother built a pergola over her balcony upstairs, just off the sitting area. Last Saturday night, bored with Akademi Fantasia, I decided to lie down on the floor of the balcony and stare through the fragrant tongkin vines, at the bright moon and the stars (since stars were sadly lacking on the show). My sister Dolly was flabbergasted to see me spread-eagled on the tiles.

"Adam!", she cried, "what is your mummy doing?"

"Oh", Adam shot me a glance, "Her life is a wreck. She's waiting for the storm to come so that lightning can strike her".

My husband was home for the weekend, and naturally the kids were all over him (because he's the better parent). To make matters worse, I wasn't well, and was in bed most of the time, actually sleeping. One morning, they decided to let me sleep in, while everyone else had breakfast. When I woke up and realized no invited me for this communal meal, I was terribly annoyed and came downstairs whining and whimpering (This, is in fact, my normal state when my husband is around)

"Why did you have breakfast without me?", I moaned to Saiffuddin.
"I thought you might want to rest some more, darling", he explained patiently.
"You didn't want me to be here for breakfast", I pouted.
Aiysha came from the fridge bearing milk.
"Mummy, you're here now", she declared,"get over it already and eat!".
My husband folded his arms and grinned. I get absolutely no support, I tell you.

We've spent hours at the Curve and was at the point of leaving when we passed by Pretty Fit. I was about to make this detour when Adam grabs me by the arm and steered me in the direction of the escalator.

"Stay away!", he commanded, "Stay away from the light!"
"Must. Go. To. Shoe. Shop!", I croaked
"No, that wasn't a shoe shop", he said, "You're hallucinating".
"Then what was it?"
"It was a shop selling erm, men's underwear".
So we got to the bottom of the stairs and went home.


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