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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Instructions for Bumping Into Elida

Most of us live in the Klang Valley, right? A huge number of us probably spend an inordinate amount of time at that triumvirate of Damansara, Sri Hartamas and Bandar Utama. My kids and I certainly do. Like the man in those Daia ads, I am cursed to be recognizable. So, if like Nefertiti (hello, darling) you happen to bump into me, or someone you suspect is me, don't sureptitiously point me out to your husband, or whoever your shopping companion may be, like most people do. Don' t go :

"Eh", (in hushed tones still audible to me) "Tengku Elida Bustaman!"
"Bukan lah!"
"Ye lah"
"Ye ke? Kat luar tak lah nampak tembam sangat"

The next time, please say hello and introduce yourself. I would really like to meet you, (especially if you're female) but you have the advantage of knowing what I look like. Well, some may know, anyway -- I shan't be presumptous and think I'm Siti Nurhaliza. Sadly, I only know very few bloggers apart from those who are related to me, and those firebrand ones I used to work with, or for.

It would really make my day if, while waiting to weigh in my vegetables, someone would smile at me and say : "Hi Mokciknab! I'm (insert name here)". Mokciknab is the secret code - I'd know straight away you're a blogger, or a blogreader. The truth is, whenever I go to Ikano or the Curve or Giant, I'd always wonder who, among the crowd, are the people I've met in the blogosphere.

Of course, don't ever do this to me :

"You broke my heart!" said a complete stranger to my friend a few days ago.
"Why?", he asked, befuddled.
"Dulu dalam TV you hemsem, sekarang sudah gemuk."

It's enough to make you homicidal.


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mokciknab? japonnes? jepun kpp? bumped into you countless times lah kat seksyen dua tu ....kat dalam a1 pun sama. My my johan mokhtar taught you to be a blogger ker? hahahahah. just found euuuuwlizz and now found you. shud throw 'batu' to you both. hahahah. anyway, jap, blog on lah. and yeah, u r as tembam on tv and outside.
btw, mokciknab used to be skinny and punkish way back in kpp. n watch out of africa wif yours truly....
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