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Monday, January 10, 2005
I'm Drowning in Charity

Does anyone know of a painless cloning technology where you can duplicate yourself; and by that I mean, as an adult, straightaway? None of that slow process of having to be a foetus first? You see, I need another me, or even two of the same, so that the real Mokciknab can sit at home and watch Oprah and stalk her kids in school. Meh, I won't do that. If I have three of me-s, what I would do is probably find even more charities to do work for, and overstretch myself three times over.

"You're spreading yourself too thin," chided my husband, and he wasn't talking about sex (this time). I know, I know. I've gotten my over-enthusiastic self into all sorts of commitments which hur hur hur, I am unable to properly fullfil.

Apart from volunteering at the Red Crescent, I've also said yes to helping a friend put up a "tsunami art concert". (Konsert Dermaga Jiwa, by the way, is happening this Saturday at Akademi Seni Kebangsaan featuring January Low, Siti Zainon Ismail and errrm, we have to figure out the rest --- see what I mean?) During my meetings for that project, I've come to forge a friendship with a dear, dear old activist couple (the husband is a major painter) and they've convinced me I should work on another two things : an initiative for children in tsunami stricken areas; and a tree planting endeavour at the same places. Before I know it, these small innocuous ideas have become full-fledged undertakings, with names like Unicef and Marditech bandied around.

Help, said little Mokciknab. I still have to earn a living. Trust the big-headed, I-want-to-organise-everything Elida to overlook that one small point.

The New Year fog which had hitherto enveloped clients and the salaried world in a daze has now gradually lifted, and that means no more goofing off for me. I am staring at deadlines and guarantees, and I see sharp teeth.

To make matters worse, my principal partner said he has agreed, kindly on my behalf, that I should teach Business Development in Media at a local college. This does not bode well for the college's reputation, I think. When the college called I said, look I have no academic qualifications in media management and it might actually affect their LAN accreditation. To my relief the rep said, okay he'll check it out with the Dean. He didn't call for a week, and I had visions of the LAN Board clutching their stomachs in mirth when my name was brought up, and those were good visions. So, on Sunday (Sunday!) the rep called.

"Mokciknab, you start on Monday morning, okay?"
"Your Business Development class"
"but I thought, you know, I have no qualifications"
"LAN accepted already. We put you down as industry expert".
"Haaaaa? This is not a course in plumbing."
"Very funny. Okay, if you can't make it Monday, then 9 o'clock Tuesday. And can you also take another class? Risk Management and Analysis?"
"Absolutely not. I'm a very careless person".

I now have my head in my hands, as I try to shield myself from the reality of burgeoning responsibilities. No other means to get through this, except to plow my way through. Hand me a shovel, please.

Ah yes, there's also the nasi dagang party, lest you think I have forgotten. I promise you, that, at least, is a pleasurable task.


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