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Thursday, December 30, 2004
Thank You!!

You guys are wonderful! I am so sorry I haven't been able to respond to all the comments on haloscan, because I am trying to get a sense of what needs to be done as well. At the moment, I'm just helping out MRCS with their PR, just the legwork, mind you, since they do have The Datuk Ahmad Talib as Chairman of Publicity.

I get the feeling that with so much to do, the Red Crescent is just happy with any help they can get. Don't expect to receive instructions -- at the HQ they're usually talking to at least three people at the same time. The simplest task is to man the phones. People call with enquiries about donations every single minute, and most of the callers can't speak either Bahasa or English. MRCS is also starting a tracing service for missing persons during this disaster, so I think they'd be overwhelmed.

Simplest task : answer phones. Qualifications : patience and a sense of humor. Extra skill urgently needed : ability to speak in various Chinese dialects.

If there are enough people, we can organise a roster among ourselves.

I know a lot of people are organising a clothes drive; this is very noble. However, I'm sure many have read the headlines on Malay Mail today -- the desperate need is for body bags. Therefore, if you have second hand clothes, may I suggest setting up a jumble sale, and then using the money to buy as much plastic sheets as you can. You can make an affair out of it, have a bakesale etc., get your kids involved. Or you can just go round with a hat or botol or tin Milo and collect small cash from colleagues, friends and relatives.

So second task : Donate money or donate plastic sheets. Of course, they still need tents, blankets, jerry cans, cooking utensils, torch lights and medicines, if you can give lor.

Anyone wishing to do more, like Mack, Amir, Red, Yeen and Noli, you can e-mail me at mokciknab@yahoo.com or tengku.elida@suhaimisulaiman.net

Again, thank you! Bloggers are not the cakap tak serupa bikin kind, apparently :)


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