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Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Eaves Drops

Drops of Skype :

[1:04:25 PM] Elida says:
what did you have for dinner last nite?
i'm not stopping you from having lunch, am i?

[1:05:19 PM] Saiffuddin says:
I had Papa Ron's Pizza.
You are and I am hungry
Very hungry
but because I just love you it's ok

[1:06:20 PM] Elida says:
i love you, too darling
you want to go makan or not

[1:06:47 PM] Saiffuddin says:
I go eat first ok

[1:07:00 PM] Elida says:
sue just called me from the airport. he just arrived from ho chi minh.
i'll talk to you later.

[A little later]
[1:44:34 PM] Saiffuddin says:
Are you still there

[1:46:14 PM] Elida says:

[1:48:07 PM] Saiffuddin says:
Well what did Che Mi say about Vietnam

[1:48:32 PM] Elida says:
tak sampai lagi. tadi masa call i tu baru je landing

[1:49:10 PM] Saiffuddin says:
I have a bit of a kembung. May be Papa Ron's Pizza doesn't quite agree with me.
Been swallowing carbon pills
Hello are you watching Oprah again.
If you are I am going away

[1:51:34 PM] Elida says :
i'm not going away.
i was going to tell you about the documentary i watched last night [Muhamad, Legacy of a Prophet] and wanted to find a website about it

[1:52:04 PM] Saiffuddin says:
Well didn't you say it was a rabbi show

[1:52:05 PM] Elida says:
jangan lah lari

[1:52:30 PM] Saiffuddin says:
Tunggu lama sangat

[1:52:38 PM] Elida says:
it wasn't a rabbi show. well, they did have rabbis in it. one or two and one professor from the hebrew union college
[Actually the fact that it did feature Jewish respondents and touched on the relationship between Jews and Muslims during the Prophet's time, made it very interesting. But that's another post]

[1:53:40 PM] Elida says:
by the way, r**** wants me to go with suhaimi to tronoh next week
r**** kata kat suhaimi, "bawak bini katak"
sounds terrible when it's written down
i'm no longer a person. i'm always "bini katak"
[katak is my husband's nickname in school]

[1:55:04 PM] Saiffuddin says:
Pasal dia tak nak orang gossip dia dengan Suhaimi

[2:01:17 PM] Saiffuddin says:
Kost not too bad, private
[Due to some cash-flow bungling, my husband was forced to move out of the apartment. Despite his company's assurances that in the interim he could stay at The Hilton, he apparently decided to sulk and slum it out, to prove a point. Men are weird]

[2:01:49 PM] Elida says:
private ka. the units are cramped together mah

[2:03:34 PM] Saiffuddin says:
Kitchen is ok too. There is a small back way completely walled up

[2:04:04 PM] Elida says:
backway completely walled up? yes um!
very nice! does it has access to a hose?

[2:04:40 PM] Saiffuddin says:
and what do u want with a hose

[2:04:50 PM] Elida says:
whatever YOU want

[2:05:11 PM] Saiffuddin says:
What can I do with it? Pray tell

[2:05:12 PM] Elida says:
oh, i can think a lot of things you can do with a hose

[2:05:26 PM] Saiffuddin says:
Do tell
[so i did tell, and he did agree]

[2:06:37 PM] Saiffuddin says:
I'll see to the logistics

[2:06:43 PM] Elida says:
there you go. practical things you can do with garden equipment
and we can do this at middday
while other people are hanging up their washing
now i miss you terribly

[2:26:00 PM] Saiffuddin says:
I miss you, too. You and the kids.
Yesterday it rained heavily. Some cars got pinned under trees.
3 people died
It's raining still
Not as heavy as yesterday

[2:28:07 PM] Elida says:
life is cheap ain't it in jakarta

[2:28:18 PM] Saiffuddin says:
I have meeting till late tonight
[His bosses are arriving from KL later in the evening. Apart from some heavy duty discussions, my husband's intending to raise the delicate issue of the cash-flow bungling]
So I don't think I can call u till late.

[2:29:26 PM] Elida says:
no worries. call after 11. want to watch grey's anatomy

[2:29:45 PM] Saiffuddin says:
Yeah, yeah you got cable
Me no got
I need my TV, I need my TV
It's driving me up the wall watching TV with bad signal

[2:32:11 PM] Elida says:
okay. read a book. pick up a culinary skill. write a blog
call it the i miss my wife and kids blog
[we then talk about when i should visit him next, and we calculate my ovulation cycle]

[3:21:09 PM] Saiffuddin says:
I'll wait for you.

[3:26:56 PM]Elida says:
by the way, bury your dreams about queen -- i knew mark burnett productions won't have the guts (or folly) to be that ambitious : check out http://rockstar.msn.com/
and do you know that american idol is doing queeeeeeen today?
oh i cringe to think what they would sound like
massacre i tell you, how dare they
[As it turned out, not a single contestant did justice to the memory of Freddie Mercury]

[3:36:07 PM] Saiffuddin says:
I can't seem to get to MSN. Pray tell who it is.
Never mind, who is Supernova?
Isn't Supernova what happens to stars when they die

[3:36:27 PM] Elida says:
hahahahahahahaha so apt!!!

[3:36:59 PM] Saiffuddin says:
Which one is Supernova

[3:37:25 PM] Elida says:
it is a new group formed by tommy lee from motley crue, jason newsted from metallica and gilby clarke from guns and roses. so you see, the biggest star is tommy lee. so now they need a lead singer

[3:38:08 PM] Saiffuddin says:
Oh. So it's got no songs la
Nobody knows them la

[3:38:28 PM] Elida says:
no it'll just feature a naked pammie twiddling her nipples at dave navarro i think

[3:38:57 PM] Saiffuddin says:
A bunch of good for nothing drunks la

[3:38:59 PM] Elida says:
that's it lah. boring

[3:39:24 PM] Saiffuddin says:
Well it's a try. maybe it'd be good too.

[3:39:43 PM] Elida says:
if pamela lee actually does appear topless

[3:39:57 PM] Saiffuddin says:
And do what

[3:40:05 PM] Elida says:
i dont know. just stand there
what would you like pamela lee to do?
(that's a trick question, by the way)

[3:43:27 PM] Saiffuddin says:
Any Asians through the try out's?

[3:43:53 PM] Elida says:
i dont know. they havent finished auditioning yet. i think the audition's in hong kong next

[3:44:31 PM] Saiffuddin says:
There has to be a token Asian
Malaysia you can forget it

[3:45:13 PM] Elida :
who knows. i can always hope
actually armand maulana did get into the semis for inxs, what?

[3:46:06 PM] Saiffuddin says:
His Jawa looks got him kicked out

[3:47:07 PM] Saiffuddin says:
Maybe Indonesian version nanti Rockstar D'Lloyd pulak
Hari tu dah jumpa kombo kat supermarket yang main lagu D'Lloyd

[5:18:38 PM] Elida says:
oh you just love little pokey stuff like that

anyways got the rundown from suhaimi about vietnam
looks good -- they're signing us on, insya Allah end of may
but the malaysian company may have trouble with capital (what's new?)
***** is interested in putting in money for the venture though.
so suhaimi has seduced *****'s rep.
ada scene pakai towel terbelah

[don't ask. seriously]


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