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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
By Gum!

Tons of apologies for those in tears over all these mommy blogs -- what to do? Mommies need an outlet to neutralize all the crap they have to undergo daily. (Sometimes the crap is like, real crap)

Unlike successful businessmen, or high flying corporate types who can pop into Bar Savanh for a de-stressing drink and some eyeful; or mosey on to whatever secret lair successful people go to nowadays to get their daily rub, society has yet to create similar facilities for mommies. But here, in cyberspace, there is blogging, a sort of communal therapy with other mommies, with no cover charge, no watered down alcohol and thankfully, no poledancing. Okay, maybe we get a visit by the occassional unfortunate bloghopping non-mommy, (oh, you poor dear) but you know, we always make sure no one gets hurt.

So, until The Partriarchs devise a way for mommies to get off work at 6 pm so that they can go somewhere to see a Patrick Dempsey lookalike gyrate in jeans, we will continue blogging. And talk endlessly about our children, whine about our husbands and enquire about our gynaecological problems. So sorry.

Well, anyway, moving on : I wasn't going to say anything about this piece of news, because you know my blog is a mommy blog and all, but I had those bad urges, the ones you get from working in a newsroom, and no, I'm not talking about holding in your pee because of a looming deadline. My raison d'etre for putting up this little snippet is to make you, dear reader, attain clarity. Understanding. Submission to the truth. The same purpose in life that imbues all good news editors in the country.

And just like any good news editor, I'm going to stick to my plan of not saying anything meaningful, and just let you read the story yourself, which I have kindly reproduced here, just in case you used that particular page to wrap used diapers, ie the aforementioned crap :

(from The Star, 28 March 2006)
Suhakam never meant to have teeth

THE Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) was never meant to have any “teeth”, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz told the Dewan Rakyat.

Its role, he said, was to promote human rights in the country and not to enforce such rights.

“The Government has never suggested that Suhakam be given any teeth,” he said in reply to Teresa Kok (DAP – Seputeh).

Kok had asked if the commission should get more power and role so that it would not be a powerless government agency.

Nazri said it would be up to the relevant authority to take action on any of Suhakam’s recommendations on human rights infringements.

So we're clear about that, ya? All those in disagreement, direct your petitions to, to, to


Oh what the hell, this is worth a shot :

Please now send all your petitions, habeas corpus applications, pleas for equitable and constitutional relief, or any other matter relating to fundamental liberties; to the Lancre Witches, in um, Lancre. They're the original mommies and don't even take Commission.


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