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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Selamat Hali Cinta

Thank you Miss Stickinsect, for sending me that lovely, lovely sms with the hearts and stuff. Bless you, for that was the only valentine I received this year. I hope Mr Mooze will treat you extra special tonight, whatever that may connote.

If you ask me, I would tell you that 14th February is nothing more than a day when florists and gift shops and under-lit, expensive restaurants can make enough money to offset their otherwise slow business for the rest of the year. It's a ploy, people, a clever ploy to get women and gay men to pressure their significant others into equating the magnitude of love with the magnitude of spending.

Having said that, I would still sulk if I don't get anything. Of course, are you kidding? Don't you love me, anymore? My husband sent me an email yesterday, which I reproduce here in part :

It's Valentine's day tomorrow. I saw over the weekend
on V channel what not to buy for Valentine's. No.1 no
skimpy lacy bedtime clothes, no toiletries, no kitchen
equipment no clothes/dresses. Basically no fun for me
and no practical items. They only tell you what not to
buy. Basically it leaves only pets, chocolates, flowers,
car, and jewelery (is that how you spell it).

Digital compas and GPS navigational equipment is still
Let's just ignore the fact that he can't spell for a moment, and focus on the substance of the paragraph. My husband's gift buying history has been a series of hits and misses. Once he bought me a lovely ikat shawl in taupe, black and gold, which I greatly treasure; another time he bought me a bulky and orange nike watch, which I promptly lost. So what do you suppose he will get me this time?

For all it's worth, Happy Valentine's Day, to all you dewy eyed lovebirds out there, Vacancy sign notwithstanding. My husband, and the navigational equipment, will only arrive next week.


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