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Monday, December 05, 2005
Thank You Modbloggers Indonesia!

I am constantly gatecrashing Modblog gatherings, perhaps because only Modbloggers care to hold gatherings in the first place. I have to admit, Modbloggers tend to have more fun than Blogspot owners, who are usually intense, private people. (read : stuck-up tight arses, except you, Suhaimi. Being a tight arse, in your case, is a compliment)

So when in Jakarta, I am not breaking the habit. Modbloggers here held their first get-together in Plaza Semanggi, and me, the muka ngga malu, asked to be invited. (I ought to be a Modblog Mascot, because when Modblog Malaysia had their first barbecue, I came along, too) Thanks to the Event Organizer, the lovely Nattever (yes, you were the EO!) I had the privelege of meeting some very interesting diarists.

First impression : female bloggers in Jakarta are babes. The group I met are at least 15 years younger than I am, so I stuck out as the tante among the gorgeous nona's. (Nattever described me as a cewek in her post. The people at my kantor could die laughing. Itu bukan cewek, dong! Itu ibunya cewek). They were nice enough to hear me complain about my kids, and were patient enough to answer my questions about internet consumption habits of young Indonesians. In turn, we also discussed Takeshi Kaneshiro ("Ganteng!", said the girls), the possibility of meeting again in Dufan (Dunia Fantasi Ancol) and of course, Modblog's frequent black-outs. (There are benefits of being owned by Google, guys) RiefXavier was the one who tolerated me the most, along with his two sisters yang lucu, so I'll give him a shout-out here.

I lingered for about an hour, an hour of brat-less bliss, in the company of young adults, instead of screaming children. Then the time was up, and I had to rescue my husband, who was being held hostage at an arcade in Plaza Semanggi. I was so happy I didn't yell at my kids for almost 45 minutes.


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