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Wednesday, April 06, 2005
Getting to the Bottom of It

My children has a thing about posteriors. They think "Bontot" is the funniest word in the Malay vocabulary. One of them would go "Bontotbontotbontot" and the rest would be tripping all over themselves, laughing. SNL should just do away with scripts, they should get Chris Kattan to repeat "Bontot" ad nauseaum, and everyone will be in hysterics.

The usefulness of their behinds goes beyond verbal humour. My children employ their hineys in interesting, practical ways, each designed to bring about maximum embarrasment to their parents. For example, once, when we were in our poor man's MPV, the Toyota Unser, and my kids were all sitting far at the back, we could hear them giggling uncontrollably. We found that they were mooning every other car on the Federal Highway. Needless to say, people who drove past gave us dirty looks, as if to say we're bad parents with disgusting children.

My two girls, Aiysha and Aliya are particularly receptive to any practical joke involving the butt, especially if it belongs to their elder brother, Adam. You can't think of Adam without remembering his generous behind. At home, we pray in congregation, with Adam always in front, behind Saiffuddin the imam. Every time the boy bends to rukuk or sujud, you'd be distracted because you could see the crack of his ass peeking out above the waistband of his seluar londeh. His sisters, otherwise solemn in prayers, would be shaking with barely suppressed mirth.

Last night, at bedtime, Adam-- as usual-- was besieged by his sisters. They were fighting over the good comforter so Aiysha and Aliya were climbing over his head and back and pummeling him with pillows, generally overwhelming their brother. "Distraction!", Adam shouted, and pulled down his pants, revealing his round, black butt. The girls ran away, screaming.

The skunk may have its pungent protection, the hedgehog its thorny back. My son has a big, shiny butt, and he's good to go.


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