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Sunday, September 05, 2004
Conversations, Conversions

Way past midnight. Comrades, coffee and cigarrettes at a hotel, aptly called "The Rennaisance".

"He's a politician, and the ultimate aim of a politician is to be the Prime Minister. And he knows you can't be the Prime Minister if you're in the Opposition. The best you can be is a Haji Hadi or a Lim Kit Siang".

"But he can't dissapoint the legion of supporters, who, by the way, seem to be growing by the minute after his release".

"Ha. I just got an sms from my reporter at the airport. He wants to quit, because he has to fight through a mob of thousands. Can't get close enough to even get a picture".

"Yes, the thousands that this Anwar has imbued with dreams of civil society".

"I am not saying he'll turn his back on all that. I still believe he has ideals. But he's also a pragmatic man. He'll take the path that will best serve the attainment of his ideals".

"You think it's a given that he will re-join UMNO?"

"The way the country's electoral system is set up, the gerrymandering, there is no way the Opposition can win through the ballot box"

"But some people are talking about a two-party system, even a coalition government. If the winds are a-changing, there is no telling that the same political dynamics will remain tomorrow".

"Well, I have to agree with you up to a point. From now on, you won't be able to easily demarcate between Opposition and pro-Government. The lines will be blurred. But in terms of realpolitik, no, I don't think it will change much"

"Oh, I do hope he'll prove us all wrong"

"Look, people supported the Opposition because of Anwar Ibrahim. Before September 1998, PAS had a membership of 250 thousand. After he was sacked, it grew to more than half a million. They would still support him, regardless of his decision."

"Besides, you can't say BN equals bad guys and BA equals good guys. Who knows what kind of UMNO it will be with Anwar Ibrahim in it. He might be what UMNO needs right now"

"But the Opposition needs him more. PAS is having a major leadership crisis. This release couldn't have been more timely".

"On the other hand, he could make the gerrymandering work for the Opposition. Anwar is still a considerable influence in Sabah and Sarawak. And at the moment, the component parties ruling these states are the minority. He could work his charm there.."

Collective sigh.

"What are you going to do?"

"He's free. My work is done. Time to shake up the others.".

The phone rings. "I'm at PWTC", he tells the caller, "Tengah sain borang UMNO".


On the way to work this morning, REM sings to me :

"If you believe, there's nothing up their sleeves, then nothing is cool".


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