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Tuesday, September 21, 2004
All Hail the Queen

Today, my daughter Aliya is four. Aliya means "highborn; exalted; highest social standing" and this is one little girl who intends to live up to her name. Over breakfast this morning I asked Adam what he liked about her youngest sister.

"Weeeell..", he said, stalling for time, "she's playful, but she bothers me all the time".

I asked Adam what he meant.

"She's bossy! She calls Kak Ti (our maid)if I do something wrong. When I ride my bike, she keeps telling me to be careful. It's always Adam don't do this and Adam don't do that".

"You can't think of anything you like about her?"

"She's kinda funny. Especially when she uses a swear word".

*gasp* "What swear word?"

"Bontot! Hahahahahaha!"

Adam wiped off the cereal he spewed on his shirt.

"You'll have to buy her a Barbie Magic Keyhouse, mummy, because that's what she wants for her birthday".

How come Aliya gets an expensive toy and I get a free cat?

Aliya thinks nothing in the house should happen without her saying so. She even tells me what to wear. "Mummy, it doesn't match!", she would tell me.

"Yeah, and it's not funky", piped in her sister, Aiysha.

Both of them would rummage through my clothes and announce : "Mummy, you don't have funky clothes!". Tell me something I don't already know.

Aiysha is the one she usually fights with, but at other times, the two display the kind of tenderness towards each other that I don't remember having for my own sisters. (Sorry!! This was when I was younger la).

"I like making her laugh", Aiysha said, "When she's sad or if she's mad at me, I tell her Adam's jokes and she'll be happy again".

Aliya thinks she ought to be the centre of the universe, but she is a benign ruler. I was really sick yesterday and she put her hand on my forehead and inquired if I was okay. She then ordered me to go to sleep and tucked me in with Mr Teddy.


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