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Thursday, November 15, 2007
Note to Shopper (That's you, Yam)

Dear Yam,
This should have been posted sooner, but as usual lah kan, my blog got ignored and I didn't read your reply. I hope you have not left for Jakarta.

If you have only one day to shop, you should spend it at ITC Kuningan/Mall Ambassador (it's two connecting buildings). If there's time, you can hop over to nearby Tanah Abang.

At Mall Ambassador, on the ground floor you can find a good selection of factory-outlet quality children's clothes (in my opinion, they offer better choices than Bandung) and there is a smattering of reject shops for adults, too. There are a couple of shops selling interesting shoes, and of course the ubiquitous fake handbags, on other floors. You should also check out the bookshop on the first floor, for some Indonesian literature and inspiring Islamic books.

You must visit Arnessio (they have three outlets) on the ground floor of ITC Kuningan for very affordable cotton shirts and tunics.

There are several shops selling ethnic stuff on the second floor. I like Pernak Pernik, which sells handmade ceramic bric-n-brac (which is what "pernak-pernik" means). On the fourth floor right across one of the escalators is a shop selling woven bags, at a reasonable price.

ITC Kuningan also has shops selling the usual batik and telekung, so you can save time and forgo your Tanah Abang trip. However, prices here are slightly more expensive, but not that much if you're good at pulling a bargain. There are also shops selling pretty kebayas. These are cheaper than at department stores, and of better quality than Tanah Abang. Buy the cotton ones. There's a shop on the ground floor at ITC Kuningan which stocks a good selection.

If you're kaya, though, you should drop by Pasaraya Grande for the full-on Indonesian craft experience. If you're staying near Kemang, check out also Chic Mart, a quaint two-storey shop crammed with unique jewellery (cheap!) and home furnishing (not so cheap). Chic Mart is on Jalan Kemang Raya, right in front of Al-Hidayah Mosque. Have lunch at Pawon Solo or Payon, if you're in the neighborhood.

If you're really, really kaya you should also visit Alun Alun Indonesia at Grand Indonesia. This is the Indonesian equivalent of Aseana. The songket, ikats and batiks on display are to die-for but if you look at the price pun boleh mati juga. Having said that, the kains on display are heirloom quality works of art, and if I had a few million rupiah to spare, I'd invest in some.


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