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Thursday, July 08, 2004
Mee Sua and Vegetables

I am doing an "Elisa" today just in case there are people who would come and visit (I am pathetic) Elisa posted a yummy recipe on her blog Spread the Jam but it is so laden with calories it could sustain Sudan. So here's a healthier alternative : the yin to her yang. It's so easy even my other sister can manage.

Mee Sua and Vegetables

1 packet mee sua (it's a Chinese version of linguini - if you can't find mee sua, any noodle will do)
1 carrot - sliced diagonally
1 packet snowpeas
half a head of cauliflower - cut into bite-sized pieces
250 g of chicken fillet (cut into small pieces) or a handful of bilis
chicken/bilis cube stock thingy
3 pips garlic - smashed (to smash garlic, put one pip underneath the handle of your knife, apply pressure downwards with your palms, retrieve smashed garlic, and discard skin)

Optional : chopped chinese parsley or cilantro
sliced bird chilllis in kicap manis

In boiling water, drop the packets of mee sua. Once the noodles are soft, drain and set aside. Drizzle and distribute a small amount of oil over the cooked noodles to avoid clumping. Place vegetables in microwave-proof dish with enough water to cover. Microwave on high for about 5 minutes. Drain and set aside.(Alternatively you can also celur or blanche the vegetables in boiling water). Next, in medium sized pot, saute garlic in about two tablespoons of oil. Once it smells garlicky, add chicken fillet or bilis. Once chicken changes colour, add chicken cube (you can crush the cube in a small amount of water). Add about 4 cups of water. Allow to simmer.

Arrange moderate amounts of mee sua and vegetables in deep bowls, add steaming soup and top with chopped chinese parsley (daun sup) or cilantro (daun ketumbar) . Serve sliced bird chilli (cili padi) in kicap manis on the side. Good on a rainy day, kind to your waist and wallet.


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